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Because it's not the metal but the mettle that matters the most! 

Mightier than Sword, Purer than Gold, Stex is all set to create a splendour in the history written in 'Copper words’, penning the saga of glorious heroism in all its glorious form with each and every masterstroke! Humanity's ultimate weapon against the microbial attacks, such as Corona Virus, Stex is a faithful, futuristic saviour of mankind - a gallant's vouch for victory! 

A magical wand with a healing touch, flowing elegantly with all its purity like the stream of Ganges; regulating the stream of blood of its Master, strengthening the bones, controlling heartbeats, it is a new age armour for those who value the luxury called life! 

Stex brings you the magic of the Mughal art and architecture, the elegance of classic grandeur of geometric patterns - the very classy Octagon - beautifully crafted and designed on a square shaped Pen.

elegance set

अष्टकोण (aṣṭakōṇa) is a 22 carat gold plated pen with an 18 carat solid gold nib, relishing all its glory as the high quality enamel makes this black beauty a timeless Koh-i-noor! Paired with an engraved 450 gm gold plated brass ink pot with a capacity of 30 ml, makes this set a perfect choice for the pen & art collectors. The name of the product - अष्टकोण - is inspired from the shape of the pen, the octagonal polygon.

Introducing the STEX Pen
A Review by Figboot on Pen

Look no further! We are thrilled to share " Figboot on Pens " insightful review of our exceptional writing instrument. Watch the video to dive into the world of precision, craftsmanship, and unparalleled performance.

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